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Model TF1 & TF2
  • Specifications

  • TF1 diameter range:
  • 13 - 50mm
    .5 - 2.0"
  • TF2 diameter range:
  • 44 - 75mm
    1.75 - 3.0"
  • TF1, TF2 part length to:
  • 76mm/3.0"
  • Extended anvils for longer parts are available
  • Part tolerances down to .005mm/.0002"

The TF1 and TF2 are general purpose gage fixtures that adapt to almost any thrufeed centerless grinder. The gage fixture mounts to the exit workrest of the grinder and feeds part measurement data to a high-resolution gage controller for real-time process analysis and grinder control.

As parts exit the workblade, a carbide "V" channels them into the gaging portion of the fixture. An adjustable-height carbide gage shoe rides on top of the part as it moves through the gage area. A precision probe sends the displacement of the shoeto the D500 controller, which assembles the data into subgroups and develops real-time trend information. When the trend deviation from size increases to programmed limits, a wheel compensation signal is sent to the grinder.

The TF1 and TF2 fixtures are easy to understand and easy to set up, but access to the workrest for setup may be limited on some grinders. Feel free to review your application with a sales engineer at CGI.

PDFModel TF1 & TF2 (PDF)

D500 Gage Controller

The D500 Gage Controller provides a range of software methods for trend-based size control. The advanced IPC option (Intelligent Process Control) significantly outperforms all other compensation techniques, and can control a machine to its best possible operating capability.

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