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D500 Gage Controller with IPC Trend Page Displayed
D500 Gage Controller with IPC Trend Page displayed

The IPC software option available in the D500 gage controller provides a sophisticated, selfimproving method for reducing the variation of size output until it achieves the best capability of the machine tool.

When used with an automatic gaging system of the type provided by Control Gaging, the D500 with IPC implements a closed-loop system that reduces scrap, lowers direct labor costs, improves productivity, and improves part conformance to specifications.

In a typical installation the parts are transported into and through a fixture, where an electronic gage sends the D500 a precise measurement for each part. The D500 assembles the data into subgroups and generates a unique run-time display called the Trend Page.

The Trend Page is the heart of the IPC. It shows a real-time X-bar and R chart with additional features that make the size trend, the actions of the gage system, and the response of the machine all "visible" to the user at a single glance.

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