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Model TFD
  • TFD Specifications

  • Diameter range:
  • 9-50mm / .35-2.0"
    .09" to 1.5"
  • Each system has a range of +/-35% from a nominal value based on conveyor belt spacing.
  • Length range:
  • 12-140mm / .5-5.5"
  • TFD-24 Specifications

  • Diameter range:
  • 6-38mm / .24-1.5"
  • Each system has a range of +/-35% from a nominal value based on conveyor belt spacing.
  • Length range:
  • 110-605mm / 4.3-23.8"
Model TFD-24

Conveyor-based automatic gages:

  • · Reduce operator intervention
  • · Increase grinder productivity

Effective automation of size control on a thrufeed centerless grinder requires precise part measurement, responsive trend analysis, and an effective compensation technique for the grinder. Each of CGI's TFD-Series Gage Stations, in combination with a D500 Gage Controller, provides these capabilities at the peak of current technology.

Each model in the series has a gage fixture suited to particular types of parts. The fixture is integrated into a dual-belt conveyor specifically designed for durability and for part stability in the gaging zone. The parts exit the grinder onto the conveyor and are carried through the gage. As they enter the fixture, the parts are firmly located by a "top guide" suited to the part type. The gage head "floats" mechanically to align the measuring contacts with the part centerline. The location mechanisms are adjustable over a range of sizes appropriate to the application.

All TFD systems employ Control Gaging's robust, quick-setup WG2 gage head. This gage incorporates 35 years of experience in designing laboratory accurate measuring devices for the harsh environment of production grinding. The gage has CGI's exclusive slip-clutch mechanism, which both protects its internal parts from damage and cuts gage finger setup time to less than 60 seconds.

With dozens of these units performing in the field, the TFD is simply the best product on the market for automatic size control of shafts within its size range.


D500 Gage Controller

The D500 Gage Controller provides a range of software methods for trend-based size control. The advanced IPC option (Intelligent Process Control) significantly outperforms all other compensation techniques, and can control a machine to its best possible operating capability.

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