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TFN Precision Gage Fixture for Thrufeed Grinding

Automatic centerless size control for small parts: spools, pins, needles, plungers, and rollers.

Model TFN
  • Specifications

  • Workrest Mount dia. range:
    1.5 - 32mm (.06 - 1.3")
  • Conveyor Mount dia. range:
    4 - 32mm (.16 - 1.3")
  • Length/Diameter ratio:
    3:2 or longer for ODs < 19mm (.75")
    2:3 or longer for ODs > 19mm (.75")
  • Thrufeed feedrates:
    Up to 11.4m/minute (450"/minute)
  • Part tolerances down to .0038mm (.00015")

The TFN is a high-accuracy dynamic gage fixture designed to measure parts at the small end of the thrufeed grinding range. The design appears simple, but the geometry has been diligently refined to assure precise measurement of parts as they flow off the workrest blade.

As a part enters the gage, pushed by parts behind, it slides onto a flat carbide anvil. Two side-guides on angled surfaces are adjusted inward and down to locate the part horizontally. A flat springloaded shoe floats on the parts' surface while a ruggedized probe measures the rise and fall of the shoe's upper face. The flat bottom anvil allows straightforward alignment with the surface of the machine exit guide during setup. The "floating" shoe bridges gaps or undercuts in the part up to 12mm/.5".

The TFN can be mounted to the workrest blade support or embedded in a conveyor. See the PDF page for more detail.


D500 Gage Controller

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